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Windows 7 compatible PCI Serial port drivers for M57p (6088) ThinkCentre

On the weekend I upgraded my Lenovo M57p (model 6088) to Windows 7 and encountered the problem in which the drivers for the following were not installed and couldn't be located ....


PCI Simple Communications Controller

PCI Serial Port


The problem here is that the AMT drivers available to resolve this problem are only compatible for PCs operating on Windows Vista, XP or 2000 but do not go as far to cover the problem created in Windows 7 ....


Can anyone suggest what I can do to resolve this?


I have noticed that Lenovo have available beta versions of such drivers for the Thinkpads but for some reason no such drivers are available for the ThinkCentres.


I dont understand this as I'm certain this will be a significant problem when others go to upgrade to Windows 7 .......


Does anyone know when Lenovo plan to release Windows 7 compatible AMT drivers for the ThinkCentres????


Really need the help as my PCI and PCIe ports dont work, hence my soundcard .... Smiley Sad

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