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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad Yoga S1 Bios update failure

I have a TP S1 Yoga (Model 20CDCTo1WW) running Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit. I utilize it mostly at work and have it hooked up to a Thinkpad Onlink Pro Dock.  I use the dock to run two external monitors, for connecting to our network (through an ethernet cable) and utilize the USB ports on the front/back to hook up a wireless keyboard/mouse, for powering my phone and for thumbdrives.  I had the problem of the Onelink having port "flapping" issues (network would disconnect and connect at random times) as discussed elsewhere in these forums.  The solution that I found was to update the bios.


I proceeded to attempt to update the bios (which I had not done since I purchased it in January 2014).  The current bios version is: GQET32WW (1.12), 1/22/2014.  I downloaded the TP Yoga bios update utility for Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Version 1.18.  I read the README and then ran the utility.  It installed the utility software to a location on the local drive ("c:" ) and then proceeded.  I went through the setup screens, selecting the "Update ThinkPad BIOS" clicking through a few more text boxes (with the warning about not powering off, keeping it plugged in, etc) until it asked to reboot. I clicked OK to reboot, which it did.  This is the next thinkg I seen on the screen:


Link to image


I waited about 30 minutes and nothing.  I left it on at work and came back ~12 hours later, still stuck on this screen. The power button did not turn it off no matter how long I held (1 minute) it.  It would beep everytime I pressed and released it.  I freaked until I found another article about a reset button on the bottom of the unit that you actived with a pin. This shut it down.  I was able to start it up, unfortunately it did not update the BIOS.


I have tried this process a few more times repeating the steps above and then trying it by:


+changing the bios version (used V1.17)

+changing a few security settings in the bios

+running it as an administrator (by right clicking), I am running as a administrator


Everytime it gets stuck on this screen, I reset it and bios remains the same. I only have the power cable hooked up to the laptop (no dock attached) when doing this.  


I have searched these forums and googled this for the last few days to no avail.  I am assuming there is a setting within the bios that needs to be switched off????  Any help you would provide would be appreciated.


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