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Blue Screen Again
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z510 is dead. No power. Need help!


I've bought a z510 3 months ago. Until today, Everything were just fine, except some "boot problems". It had stuck many times on Lenovo screen but after firmware update, problem solved. Anyway,

Today, when i pressed power button, nothing happened. Yesterday I shut it down on windows, but today, nothing.

I've tried it with Ac and without ac adaptor. Nova( or novo, anyway) button didn't work either. I've tried that 30 sec pressing power button, nothing changed. My front led buttons are always off. It's literally dead. I know it always was dead but you got the pointSmiley Happy
I think mainboard is the problem. I need to solve it immediately because my final exams notes in it. I can't access it and I don't want to break warranty, so that i can't reset battery connection. If only that battery could on laptop, not inside! Also if service changes something, ı'm scared of the situation that all data may be lost. In both cases, is there any methodes to save my data? (Without breaking warranty, otherwise it was too easy i know basicsSmiley Happy )

ı also checked my adaptor, it works. I've checked it with voltage controller device and with another lenovo laptop?

Thanks again for reading. Any help would be appreciated. Btw,
(Sorry for my english lev, I'm not a native speaker)
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