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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎12-31-2014
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Re: z510 is dead. No power. Need help!

Btw, Thanks for the reply Smiley Happy

It looks like my problem is solved. 

I knew all the risk but i've read almost all topics about dead lenovo laptops. Y510, z500, z510 etc.  %90 of them needed a power source reset and mainboard static electric dischage, and %10  was real mainboard malfunction. And i think lenovo services don't try this method because changing motherboard is a guaranteed solution! Waste of time.
So i had no time, i've made myself to disassembly my notebook. I ignored warranty process because it could take weeks.

Well ı've dissassembled it and pulled out battery. I've pressed  power button 4 times of 10 sec periods, and then 30 sec long press. Without connect battery i've tried Ac adaptor and it started to work again! Then I plugged battery and everything went perfect.

I hope it helps to lenovo owners who has same problem. I think it's an bios problem. If you've windows, when it enters to sleep mode it can happen.  Because a mainboard can't burn itself when you turn off your computer without a problem. That was my only hope and it worked. 

Who Me Too'd this solution