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What's DOS?
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U430 touchpad continues scrolling after lifting one finger

So i just recivece my new u430, and overall i'm pretty happy.


I have a few issues with the touchpad though. There's no way of deactivating the fact that it keeps scrolling when my fingers reach the bottom or top of the touchpad. This is annoying, as i can't see when it will start scrolling automatically, it just suddenly starts.


Another thing is that when i start scrolling with two fingers, and then lift a finger to navigate the mouse instead, it keeps scrolling until i lift both fingers off the trackpad, and then i can start to navigate. This feels very unneccessary, and it didn't do this on my old Asus computer. 


Is there a general workaround for the sloppy driver, or do i have to live with these "features"?


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