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X201 Tablet internal screen black/ broken but digitizer working. What could be?

I have a X201 Tablet had always worked well.
Yesterday suddenly the screen became completely black.

I connected to the external LCD monitor and the computer works perfectly.
But the internal monitor not. At least as a monitor.
I can not see anything in the screen not even in backlight.
But I can use the digitizer on screen... Namely if I touch the screen with the pen it makes me mouse. It seems strange because I was convinced it was a matter of cables.

What can it be?
Should be the illuminator? I think not, because in this case should be seen vaguely. Is that correct?
Then I thought, or the display itself or cables that connect to the main board?
I opened but everything seems to be ok. What is more likely is.

I would like to understand it before you buy spare parts useless.

How can I test which of the components is?

I hope someone can help me,
Thanks in advance

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