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Fanfold Paper
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WiFi problem - No internet / DNS Not working



I installed 64bit Windows 7 on my T500, and I'm having problems when connecting to wireless networks.

Everything works fine with wired networks, but when I connect to a wireless network (any wireless network) DNS isnt working.

I can ping and connect to websites using IP, but it refuses to resolve domain names. I have verified that the correct DNS servers are beeing used.


I have installed all the drivers supplied by Lenovos system update + some beta drivers from, but at this time I'm no longer sure what drivers are beta and whats release.


Software & drivers installed:

Access Connections version 5.42 build 6JC725WW

Realtek 11b/g/m Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Express Adapter II (driver version 2007.2.1103.2009)

Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter (driver version 6.1.7600.16385


Anyone know what this could be?




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