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E540 Suspend/Resume failure

When I researched this issue* I discovered that the links from the Lenovo site to the Ubuntu site indicate the "certification" applies to an extremely specific hardware combination, including a particular processor and display and other options that vary with the E540. If you notice the Ubuntu 12.04.2 link also mentions a very specific BIOS version "Lenovo J9ET27WW (1.06_Ubbuntu)" including the extra "b" in "Ubbuntu." Update:  The BIOS versions available for the E540 don't list a version anywhere near that low.


*I just bought an E540 20C6008QUS, even knowing about this problem, but deciding I liked the price and other features enough to "tough it out," hoping the BIOS issue gets resolved eventually. (I'm typing this on it right now.) Sadly, there are no "perfect" systems available; especially since the current OS and current hardware are both "moving targets," and it seems like something is always breaking!


I appreciate Lenovo for at least providing a forum; not every manufacturer does, and even fewer support linux at all.


2/24/15 EDIT: Moved message to front of discussion for escalation purposes. Amy_Lenovo

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