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Blue Screen Again
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Hard drive upgrade for Yoga 2 13 (model 20344)

I've looked at message boards with varying answers. Also, I'm not super tech savvy and can't afford (literally) to mess this up, so I came to the braintrust for a definitive answer.


I want to upgrade my hard drive space on my Yoga 2 13 (currently has 128 GB SSD and 8 GB memory)

  1. I've read that there is an extra slot for another HD, is that true?
  2. If so, what type of slot is it?  M.2 or mSATA or what?
  3. How many GBs can I upgrade to?  I've read anywhere from 128 to 500+ are okay.
  4. Any brands and models that are known to work?

TIA to anyone who can help!

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