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Re: Hard drive upgrade for Yoga 2 13 (model 20344)

@bretonnia wrote:

I've looked at message boards with varying answers. Also, I'm not super tech savvy and can't afford (literally) to mess this up, so I came to the braintrust for a definitive answer.


I want to upgrade my hard drive space on my Yoga 2 13 (currently has 128 GB SSD and 8 GB memory)

  1. I've read that there is an extra slot for another HD, is that true?
  2. If so, what type of slot is it?  M.2 or mSATA or what?
  3. How many GBs can I upgrade to?  I've read anywhere from 128 to 500+ are okay.
  4. Any brands and models that are known to work?

TIA to anyone who can help!

1. The Yoga 2 13 has 2 slots: 1 m.2 (that is now used for your SSD) and another connector for a 2.5"  storage device.

For some models this is a normal SATA connector, but for most it is a very rare SFF-8784 connector that only connects to the 5mm WD HDD.

And for SSD models Lenovo does not include the special cable ...


2. Best option is to upgrade to a bigger m.2 SSD and clone your current drive.

Keep your old drive for the OKR image, so you can restore easily at any time.

On the new drive you can delete the OKR restore partition and free up 15 GB for data.


3 & 4. There are many topics on this; search for "SSD Yoga 2 13"

As the Yoga has a BIOS that does not accept all brands and types of SSD's you should opt for a type that was recommended in that Yoga 2 13 internals topic: Crucial M500 M550, most Samsungs ....


Link to image


LenovoYoga213 Wifi HDD SSD.jpg

Top: 2,5" storage device (5mm height WD HDD 500GB) with SFF-8784 connector (disconnected)

Below: WLAN (NGF M.2) and M.2 SSD on the right (22*80 Crucial M500 240GB)


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