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Yoga 2 13 stuck in tablet mode



I just received a new Yoga 2 13, 8Gb, 256Gb SSD. I have been using it exclusively as a laptop.


It worked just fine for a few days. I did notice once the screen flipped sideways and the keyboard turned off randomly but after turning the laptop on its side and back, everything went back to normal.


Today, after closing the lid and putting the machine to sleep, then waking it up, it awoke in tablet mode with the sideways screen and turned off keyboard. To do anything I have to use the on-screen keyboard, which does work.


Nothing I did could get it to go back to laptop mode, or for autorotate to ever work. Rebooted several times, no. The "Lenovo" signage does show correctly in landscape as soon as the machine turns on, but once it gets to the login window, it's back to sideways tablet mode.


The auto-rotate button (which I had never touched prior) doesn't appear to do anything. I click the button, it says "autorotate off" then I click it again to "autorotate on" and still no rotation.


I called Lenovo technical support, and he tried (after remote desktoping into my machine) to try a different display driver. The Windows "Basic" Driver, the Intel Driver from March 2014, and the latest Lenovo display drivers downloaded did nothing.


He turned off "ycp" or something similar as a startup service, no help.


In Screen Resolution, he changed the orientation of the display from portrait to landscape which did fix the orientation problem but did nothing about the keyboad. I assume this is a brute force solution which does not fix the underlying "endless tablet mode" issue.


Finally, he had me boot into the BIOS. Interestingly, the keyboard works just fine in the BIOS screen, and the orientation is the correct landscape. WHAT?!!


But bottom line, tech support failed to find a fix for the problem. Can I ask any of you for some additional ideas?


Thank you so much!






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