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Realtek Audio Update

I have just performed some Windows updates on my Lenovo IdeaPad Z580. I am running Windows 8.1. The list of updates consisted of some spyware definitions and the Realtek Audio update. I updated and installed the updates and restarted my computer right away per usual. I got an error message after restarting that said "Please install the correct audio driver before using OneKey Theater. In addition to this, music will play throught the PC speakers but all of a sudden the Dolby Digital Home Theater v4 does not work. The application turns on and I can adjust the equalizer settings but it does not show any activity when music is playing. When I adjust the settings there is no change in the music. I luckilky had a very recent system image backup so I reverted to that and all is well, but after running the same updates the same issues came up.


Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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