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Yoga 3 Pro Battery Charging Problems

I've combined several discussions into one because there are multiple cross-overs of symptoms.


After reviewing all the posts, I see there are two types of problems discussed:

  • Battery charging but only to a certain percentage
  • Battery intermittently charging

Several people have reported success with their limited battery percentage problem by following the solutions suggested by MarinM and Vladtech.


For the intermittent charging, several people have reported that sometimes the battery charges, sometimes it doesn't. I'd like to dig into these reports. I have a few questions I'd like to ask.

  • When does it charge, when does it not?
  • Are there any patterns to this?
  • Does swapping electrical outlets make a difference?
  • Does the USB 2.0 charging port appear loose?
  • Does the cable show any signs of damage?
  • Does the AC adapter show any signs of damage?
  • When a second device is plugged into the extra USB port on the AC Adapter, does this impact Y3P charging?
  • Are there any battery error messages?

Thank you for your help,


4/6/15 EDIT: Moved message for escalation purposes. Amy_Lenovo

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