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Blank screen after reboot - M30-70

Hi @ All,


I have received 5 Lenevo M30-70's last week (1st April 2015) - all brand new in the box (with Windows 7 x64 Professional pre-installed as the OS). 


I've successfully setup one laptop with all of our standard applications within our domain - this laptop was working fine all day on Thursday and this morning (Monday 7th).


After I was happy that all applications we use on standard laptop builds were installed, I proceeded to connect the laptop to our domain with a personalised computer name (in the standard way, via Computer). This process required a restart.


This is where the issue began; after the reboot, the laptop to the Windows 7 boot screen displayed for a very long time (around 30 minutes) - I knew this was an issue, as previous reboots took around 15-20 seconds at the very most. I then powered down the machine by pressing the power button (until the Power LED notification light went out).


Now when I turn the machine back on, the screen stays completely blank (not even a post screen!). I've tried using an external HDMI monitor, to no avail. I've also tried increasing the brightness with the Fn keys, and also the Fn key to turn your monitor off (F9). I can tell the system is powered on due to the power LED being lit, and also the power button is eluminated.


I've done the usual thing of taking the laptop battery out and booting, but that makes no difference. The only interaction I get with the laptop at this point is a 'BIOS Beep' when I plug the external power adapter into it.


I've called the Lenenvo UK support line who immediately said that it needs a repair.. I just wanted to post this here just incase it's an easy fix, as I'm pretty sure this isn't a hardware issue.


Any ideas? I don't want this issue to happy with the remaining laptops.


Thanks in advance. If there is anything I've missed, please let me know.




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