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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Edge 15, suddenly powered off and not turning back on

Hey so I have had this computer for about 3 months. It has worked perfectly fine the whole time. I had a similar model, U530, before this that worked great (it broke because of an accident on my part) as well. 


However, today I was watching the internet and it looked like the monitor quickly shut off for a second. I moved the screen forward slightly after it had come back on and the computer suddenly shut off. 


It will not come back on. When it is only using the battery the power button will not light up. When I plug in the power adapter, the power button will light up and turn off every second or so, but nothing else happens, no fan, no hard drive spinning etc...


Is there any other way to diagnose this? I tried the manual but there was no information on light patterns or any precautions if it will not turn on. 


I've tried turning unplugging the battery and holding down the power button, but to no avail...

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