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YOGA 3 PRO: not turning on "blinking keyboard"



I got this laptop december 2014, it worked nice until one day it decided not to turn on, instead of this, the laptop shows sleep-mode behaviour (blinking keyboard, black screen) but without waking up. It initiates randomly, key-combination doesn't work, nor pushing windows key. Additionally, if I turn off by pressing the power button and try to turn on again, it keeps to be in sleeping mode. If is turned off again and the one key recovery is pushed, nothing happens, same sleep-mode reaction. I contacted technnical assistance in Spain, they were really kind and quick taking the call. As suggested I restored the system to fabric condicions (when I got my laptop turned on and through the windows 8.1 menu restoring to initial configuration option). It seemed to solve the problem but just for few re-starts. After using the computer about 10 times (I mean, turning off and turning on the laptop), the same problem appeared. I called again technnical assistance, today they are picking up my laptop at home because I'm still warranty covered, I hope to get my 1600€ laptop working well again soon.


Just wanted to share this situation with other lenovo users who can be in the same situation. In my case, I'm not using this laptop as a primary computer, that's maybe why it took so long to detect/appear this problem.


I already tested updating bios, drivers, energy configuration... Nothing worked up to date. I found another person having the same issue ( however I hope to have a better end than she had.


I'll keep you updated about this situation.


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