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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎07-30-2015
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Touchpad delay after typing Windows 10 on Flex-2

After updating to Windows 10 I started experiencing touchpad delay for about a second after I press any keyboard key. When I downgraded my drivers it started working prefectly with no delay, but I was unable to use 3 finger gestures introduced with Windows 10 and also there were no 3 finger swipe to go backwards that I was using in Windows 8.1.

I thought that maybe this is caused by palm tracking feature, but when I set it to minimum the problem was still there. Also I tried installing and uninstalling drivers and touchpad from device manager. Also changed "delay after type" in Windows setting to never. None of the above helped. I'm sure that my touchpad detects all the touches and it's not a hardware issue, cause when I open notification tray and make a tap with three fingers I see three dots appear on elan settings icon.

P.S. The strangest thing is that when I start typing in search box then make a pause and start typing again it works without any delay and I can type and use my touchpad at the same time. Cortana is the only program where I could make it work so far.

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