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What's DOS?
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FIXED! Middle Click Functionality Disabled on Windows 10 upgrade . . . FIXED!!!!!!!

On upgrading my ThinkPad Edge E545 to windows 10, I lost the ability to middle click. ....The new UltraNav had got rid of trackpoint options box that allowed me to select "neither" and only allowed me to change the senstivity of the scrolling.....Diabling trackpoint meant that I lost the ability to use the buttons at all!! Cray Cray!



I was losing it trying to fix it....reinstalling, rebooting, trying old drivers....nothing worked.....then finally I found this post about the same problem in windows 8...


In my case, with windows 10 I just searched for 'trackpointmode" in regedit......that ended up being here

Change "TrackPointMode" to dword:00002214 from the previous value of 00001214

Thank you jaymemaurice you da real MVP

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