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IdeaPad Y580 Partition Problems

So I'm trying to upgrade to Windows 10 but was having some issues with upgrade from within Windows 7 and decided to create a ISO copy on a USB using the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft and I was going to boot to that and try the upgrade however I run into a problem when it asks for a partition to install Windows 10 on. All the options I have available are OEM reserved and can't be used for the upgrade. There is plenty of room to do the upgrade but because the partitions are all locked because they are OEM partitions I can't use them. Is there any way I can bypass this problem? Is there a way for me to select one of these partitions to install the upgrade for Windows 10 to. I also tried going into Disk Management and try to create a new partition to install Windows to but the computer ships with 4 partitions so I can't create another partition even. Is there any way for me to either use one of the current partitions for the upgrade when it asks me or is there a partition I don't need that I can delete so I can make another partition? I'll add a link to the Disk Management window.


Disk Management Image

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