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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎04-08-2015
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Issues with m.2 SSD drive on X250



I have a brand new Thinkpad X250 with a stock Toshiba 256GB SSD and Windows 7 Professional.

Since I need more storage I have purchased an m.2 SSD drive from Adata (Premier SP600, 256GB).

After installing it in the empty m.2 slot, I get all the time the blue screen of death at the end of the Windows boot, just before the logon screen. This happens also when I boot in Safe Mode.

I removed the m.2 drive and everything works perfectly again.


To be noted that:

1 - I have the latest BIOS in my Thinkpad

2 - I have made a disk test of the m.2 drive from the BIOS boot menu and the drive is recognized, no defects

3 - My primary SSD disk is encrypted with PGP (not sure this matters)


Any idea what may be causing this and how to solve it?





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