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lenovo ideapad z510 battery problem

dear sir,

 my name is nikhil in my laptop z510 ideapad i am facing battery problem it is not showing correct battery % and also not show batterey low warning message and it is stable at one position 99% please sir help me out from this problem .

many of them his having this same problem please give some battery firmware update so to resolve this is not a hardware problem because it started from two days before previously it is working fine but now it is not working 


        I purchased the z510 last  july and while the battery life wasn't great on it now it has stopped working altogether. I have tried every conceivable fix for it from the forums here and none has worked. The problem that I am having is that the battery is stuck at 99% while charging and when it is off charge it will stay on for half an hour and the shut off hard without warning, it has caused me to lose progress in work. The battery gauge reset is no longer working either as it was on for hours and just kept showing 99%. I would appreciate a response back. This seems to be a problem with this make of laptop as far as Ican see.

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