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What's DOS?
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2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD)



I bought Thinkpad Yoga last year. The Yoga originally came with 512 GB HDD plus 16GB SanDisk SSD. A couple of days ago, I replaced the original HDD with Crucial BX100 SSD (500GB). Since then, I have the 2100 error.


It goes like this. When I boot the computer by pressing the power button on the side of the computer, it boots well. About 30 minues later, the computer suddenly loses connection with the newly installed SSD, and shows 2100 error message on black screen. When I press any key (as instructed on the screen), the computer shows Boot Menu. But the Boot Menu lists only ATA HDD1: SANDisk SSD U110 16GB.  When I reinstalled the original HDD, 2100 error didn't happen. But I don't want to use HDD anymore for speed issue. 


If anyone solved a similar problem, please help me. 


Thanks in advance.

- H_Kim.



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