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Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 3 14 ssd replacement

I have found a good solution to my problem of replacing the small 128 GB ssd on my Yoga 3 14.  The answer is a 500 GB hybrid drive from Seagate - ST500LX012.  This drive is only 5mm high, installs perfectly and fairly easily into the Yoga 3 14 in the mounting space for the hard drive.  Because it's a hybrid drive, it's fast - boots nearly as fast as the SSD that it replaces and generally seems nearly as quick as the SDD, for way less money.  The space allowed for the drive in this Yoga is only 5mm high and I found that a 7mm or thicker drive will not work in this machine if you want to actually lock it securely in place with the existing brackets.  Finding this drive was not easy, as Seagate won't sell it directly and the normal online retailers don't carry it, at least not yet, though they certainly should.  I found the drive finally at www.harddrivesforsale.  Again, Lenova support/sales was no help at all in finding a larger capacity replacement drive and was very disappointing.

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