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Yoga - Trackpad and touchpad stops working

The trackpad and touchpad of my Yoga stops working: the cursor freezes and after a while disappears from screen. Once the cursor is gone it does not appear again, even after a clean reboot. I have tried to enable it via the Control Panel Mouse settings or Input section of “Lenovo Settings” application but had no success.

The problem has happened several times so far, always after the laptop sleeps due to inactivity. The only way I have found so far to bring the trackpad and touchpad back is by going to the BIOS settings and restoring the default configurations (I have never changed the BIOS settings on this PC, so I can’t figure out why this solves momentarily the problem).


Any ideas on why this problem is happening, and how to solve it without messing with the BIOS settings?


This is becoming really annoying, it has happened three times since yesterday (10/23/15). Smiley Frustrated


My BIOS version when this first happened was 1.26 (GQET46WW), my current BIOS version is 1.27 (GQET47WW). My laptop runs Windows 10 Pro (automatically updated from the Windows 8.1 version delivered with the laptop).



Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

1/20/16 EDIT: Not a ThinkPad Product

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