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Paper Tape
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No uninstall option for paper display (related to Fn & Esc key problem) [yoga 700]



I just bought a lenovo yoga 700 11.6. I encounter a very annoying problem and have tried to implement some solutions in this forum but still cannot really solve the real problem. This problem related to other problem such as escape key and paper display issues that discussed in other sub-forum but cannot completely be resolved.


Okay so here's some background story about the problem:


  1. As usual, function keys are important for excel and stuffs but lenovo swapped it for other tasks, so I go to BIOS to swap back the function key. No problem, problem solved as expected, now I can press "F3" without having to press "Fn+F3".
  2. However, now the escape button is also swapped. If I press "Esc" it will turn on-off lenovo paper display, so I need to press "Fn+Esc" to perform escape, which is REALLY annoying.
  3. Okay, found partial solution under Yoga 3 subforum (how to reclaim Esc key).
  4. After implementing the solution, if I just start my computer I can press "Esc" and it works as intended to perform "escape" task. However afte a couple of minutes, I think the lenovo paper display software kicks in and then if I press "Esc" button, it will both perform escape task AND also turn on-off the paper display. This way, if I want to do escape task, I need to press "Esc" key twice (first press is to escape, but then paper display become turned on; the second escape to turn off paper display again). That's why I call this partial solution because the real problem exists.
  5. Then I though maybe I can solve this by uninstalling paper display, so that every time I press "Esc" key, it will only perform escape task and not activaing paper display. However, when I go to control setting to uninstall, I cannot find uninstall option for the paper display such as the one that this sub-forum suggested. Here's the screenshot:

So, does anyone know how to uninstall / completely disable paper display?

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