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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 900 -- Duplicate characters when typing

I have found that my Yoga 900 will regularly insert two characters when I have only hit a key once. I might type "stop" (4 keystrokes) but I find the word "stopp" has been entered.


This is not a problem with one key, it happens on lots of keys, as shown in the video:

The problem with duplicate characters


It seems to happen most if you type the key "gently", so the characters you press with pinkies and ring fingers are more likely to exhibit the problem, but the video shows this is happens on any key -- it is not a problem with just certain keys.


I am getting a new laptop because of an issue with the Yoga 900 waking from sleep when picked it up:

(My problem with the Yoga waking when I pick it up)


I'll see if this new issue is a problem on the replacement Yoga.


Note that Lenovo has been great, and is sending me a replacement laptop based on the waking problem. I discovered the problem with keyboard bounce while waiting for my new Laptop.

Does anyone else see the issue with duplicate characters?


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