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G770 and Windows 10: no driver for webcam

Hello all!


Yesterday, 06.12.2015, there was a Windows 10 update to the build 1511 for x64 (KB3122947). Since then, the webcam is marked with an exclamation mark in the hardware panel. Right clicking on it and asking Windows to make an automatic update of the driver doesn't solve the issue, as an error is encountered during the installation.


I looked at the Lenovo download page, typed G770 and... there is no drivers for Windows 10. Even worse, it's not even listed in the list of Win 10 compatible devices, but I had the free upgrade to Windows 10!


Can anyone help to bring my webcam back to life again?


Note: Lenovo Companion doesn't want to start too, asking for a driver, rebooting and asking for the driver again, endlessly....


Thanks in advance for your help!

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