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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro: Serious memory issues (bug report)

If I enable 'developer options' (by clicking 7 times on 'Build number' under 'About Phone',  and go into Process Stats, I can see that the tablet is very frequently under 'Device memory critical'. If I click on the colored bar, it will take you into 'memory details', and I can see that the 'Kernel' is using 1.1 of Ram. If I compare it to my OnePlus One, which runs smooth as butter, the Kernel memory is only using 164mb of RAM. 


Another interesting memory detail is that the notification center is the biggest  memory hog, but even that doesn't seem too bad. 


The tablet, as reported by other users, shows a large amount of lag and slowdown, and it also aggressively kills apps constantly, which makes multitasking impossible. 


I've asked before, but what is the best way to report this bugs to developers? To me this is a serious issue and if there is no indication that anyone is working to fix it I would rather return the tablet soon. The specifications of the tablet should allow it to run without any issues, so my guess is that this is an OS software bug which could be fixed if given attention. 

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