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Re: yoga 3 11 motion control driver windows 10

The Lenovo Transition software used to be available on the Lenovo 1170 support website, but Lenovo have excelled themselves again and removed this essential piece of software from the 1170 support website. Not content with that Lenovo have also not updated their synaptics trackpad driver on their 1170 support website to the actual-working synaptics driver that can be downloaded from the Lenvovo 1370 support website.


It's almost as if Lenovo are purposly screwing up support for older computer models to devalue them.


Lenovo Transition will surely be available from somewhere, preferably a Lenovo website. I suggest you google "lenovo transition". The first search result appears to be legit. The URL is:


But there may be later versions of Lenovo Transition available on the web.

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