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What's DOS?
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Yoga 900 13ISK - Super tiny menus and icons in some programs

I'm running ArcGIS and all of the menus and icons are incredibly tiny.  I've tried tweaking the resolution and magnification and there are no consistent improvements.  Every once in awhile some of the menus and icons will resize to something that I can actually see, while others remain tiny.  This is very frustrating as I rely on ArcGIS for my research.  I'd really like to keep this laptop because I like its size and portability, but if this issue can't be resolved then I'll be forced to return it.  Has anyone else had an issue like this and, if so, what did you do to resolve it?


Also, I've experienced graphic issues where it said that the driver crashed and Adobe Lightroom is also not displaying my photos in edit mode. 


So far I'm very frustrated with this laptop from a technical standpoint. 

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