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T61p exhibiting 1 long and 2 short beep and black screen



There have been multiple discussions over the past months concerning a 1 long and 2 short beep symptom on some T61 and T61p model systems.   Over the last several weeks members have begun to start additional topics on this theme and cross post between threads.  


I am consolidating all the threads into this new discussion today.  Since many of these discussions were originally parallel, the dates and some of the context will now appear somewhat out of chronological order.  Please keep that in mind while browsing this thread.


If you are presently experiencing the 1 long and 2 short beep code with a black screen on boot up, I would recommend that you contact service at this time for assistance.


UPDATE 1/4/2011


Previously, I have advised customers to contact service for assistance with the symptoms discussed here. In an effort to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty, Lenovo has repaired a number of systems as post warranty exceptions. Lenovo will continue the post warranty support; however, with some revisions to the extended coverage effective December 31, 2010.


Customers who experience these symptoms on qualifying models that are no more than six months beyond expiration of warranty should continue to contact support for assistance. This additional coverage ends March 31, 2011.


Coverage beyond this date is available under the terms and conditions of extended warranty or maintenance agreements. Warranty extensions may be purchased for systems that are still within the base warranty period, and post warranty maintenance agreements may be purchased to provide coverage after base and extended warranty periods have expired. Extended warranties and maintenance agreements are a great way to ensure coverage for all the major system components.



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