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What's DOS?
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M93z: hanging at startup with USB Keypad (Genovation)

We recently purchased 5 ThinkCentre M93z's to complement the 100+ E93z's that we currenlty use in our school district cafeterias. These computers have Windows 7 OS and the only other software we install is Meals Plus software to track students and food purchases. These computers have a Genovation Mini-Terminal model 905-S version 7.20 keypad attached that can either scan a student's ID  card or they can punch in their student ID number to purchase their meals and we install the latest driver for that device. With all 5 of the M93z's we purchased the computers will hang at the Lenovo splash screen (most common) or hang at the Windows Startup screen at the point when you first start to see the colored balls appear. It will stay stuck at this point until you unplug the keypad at which point it will finish booting up.  At point you can plug the device in and use it but once you restart it it will hang up again.  This happened no matter which USB port you use (two on the side or the four on the back). We have never had any issue with the E93z computers. 


I have updated the bios. I have removed and reinstalled the lastest USB drivers for this computer.  The bios is set to start up from the hard drive. USB is not one of the startup options.


It conistently does this with all 5 of our M93z's.


Any suggestions?


Thanks for any help you can provide.



Mod:   edited Subject line to clarify problem description

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