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Re: ThinkPad Retro project status

We asked David Hill, Lenovo's Chief Design Officer, during a Periscope Q&A. Here are the highlights of what he said:


  • I thought, why can't we sell this? We invented it, we own it, no-one else can make a retro anything
  • The interest level exceeded my wildest dreams
  • It's not over yet
  • This is a very complex decision involving many things, product portfolio, development budgets, development capacity, there are issues with availability of displays at the aspect ratio...
  • We're listening, but you're going to have to wait a little while
  • would love to release something like this for the ThinkPad's 25th Anniversary (2017)
  • I still believe in the idea
  • There's a group of people who love the retro thinkpad and I'm trying to figure out how we can satisfy them
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