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Thinkpad Yoga 12: digitizer? (20DL000SIX)


I just bought a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 12 (20DL000SIX) that does not come with the pen apparently (I still have to receive it physically), but *does* have the full HD capacitive screen multitouch (1920 x 1080).
I also bought separately the Thinkpad Yoga digitizer pen (4X80F22110).

I spent a lot of time to understand if the two are compatible (i.e. the wacom digitizer is installed or not on the laptop), and on Lenovo website, following Products -> Accessories&Software -> Search For Compatible Accessories For Your System, it looks that indeed they are:


I see that there are multiple posts on similar issue, confirming that the communication of Lenovo about pens and digitizer is really inadequate.

I read in many places that the thinkpad yoga's that don't come with the pen do *not* have the digitizer. I also read that the full HD screens does have te digitizer. So, I'm getting confused...: my yoga does have the full HD but does not come with the pen included!
There is no clear information anywhere and also the Lenovo  support (I called on the phone many times) is not satisfactive on this.
Does anyone have the same model, or have a more clear idea on this topic?



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