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P50/P70 shipping thread

I've heard the rumor that some components you ordered would cause delay (such as touch screen, RAID, etc.).


Let's share some info here so we can understand what might have cause the delay.  To make the thread easy to read, please update your ogirinal post whenever the estimated shipping date was changed (instead of adding a new post to the thread).  Thanks!


Here is an example:


Model: P50 20ENCTO1WW

Order Date: 12/13/2015

Original Est.: 1/14/2016

12/20/2015 Est: 1/21/2016

12/29/2015 Est: 1/28/2016


Processor     Intel Core i7-6700HQ    
Color Sensor     No Color Sensor     
Display     15.6 FHD IPS Non-Touch
Total memory     8GB DDR4 2133 SoDIMM
RAID Setting     RAID0
HDD Config     1TBHDDx2

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