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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎06-29-2010
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T500 running very very slow on specific WIFI network only???


This problem is driving me absolutely crazy. It means that I can only use my PC at home if I use a cable connection to the router....


Problem is that on my home network my T500 is having a very very slow access to the internet via wireless. On all other wifi network I have connected to there is no issue and speed is high.


Also several colleagues have been here with their T500 and none of them experience any issues with speed. We all run on the same t500 model, ordered at the same time and with same setup. We use Windows XP.


I have tried to update all drivers, I have called my network provider who have updated router software, changed frequency and all other things they could do to avoid interference etc.


I have two other PC's at home - none of them have any issues.


I have done a web seacrh and could see that I am far from alone with this strange issue of a T500 being slow on only a specific network (often a home network). Many different routers are involved, so I dont think it is  arouter problem (would also mean that my colleagues identical t500s would have issues right??).


Have there been any reolution to this T500 problem??


Best regards and with hope of "salvation" :-)



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