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Delayed or not receiving Notifications?

I have had the Moto G 2nd Gen for about 10 days now and I have noticed that notifications from several apps (Exchange email, Gmail, Whatspp, Facebook...) are either delayed by a few hours or don't come at all. This happens on both Wifi or my 3G network. 

In some cases the notifications would arrive once the phone is awakened by pressing the power button.

It was also noticed over at XDA forums that  any notification (such as email or message) received within 10 minutes or less after the phone goes to sleep (pressing the power button ) would show up instantly. However any notification after 10 minutes would either not arrive or show up after several minutes or hours in my case. 

A similar behaviour was noticed when playing music on Google Play. A track would still continue playing as expected once the phone goes to sleep (pressing the power button). You would expect the next track will play automatically but that doesn't happen. In some cases the next track will play once you awaken the phone. 

This issue seems to be occuring on the build 21.11.14.titan_retgb.retbgall.en.GB.

I have tried the following with no success:

1- disable Wifi optimization

2- factory reset phone

3- Installed PNF No-Root and set hearbeat to 5min

4- Cleared data & cache of apps


The XDA thread can be found here


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