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What's DOS?
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How can I solve "Camera Busy" error

For the 2nd time, I have started getting an error "Camera Busy: Unable to start. If this repeats....".

The first time, I tried these things (below), to no avail. I know some of them seem off the wall, but others had luck with them on another forum. 

Clear camera Data

Clear camera cache

Force stop camera

Disable camera and re-enable

Turn phone on and off

System recovery "Wipe cache partition"

Deleted Tiny Flashlight app (for which the camera flash also quit working)

Loaded Camera Zoom FX Free app but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with TAKING photos. Didn't fix problem

Deleted Camera Zoom FX Free app

Loaded Google Camera app

Deleted Google Camera app

After posting the above on a forum, I continued trying to solve the problem, making the following changes and somewhere along the line, it fixed the camera problem. 

Active Display is as "off" as I can get it.

Touchless Control is off

Roaming tone is off

Cloud printing is off

HP Print Service Plugin is on

Assist updated

Motorola Contextual Services updated

That was 4 days ago. I used the camera just this morning and it was fine. Then this evening, it is back to being busy. I know that the app "Tiny Flashlight" updated today. I deleted it but still no luck with the camera. I've cleared the camera data, performed a "wipe cache partition", turned my phone off several times, plus other tests. 

Any ideas? 

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