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Paper Tape
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Product Recovery CD is not the correct disc

I'm having an issue that is similar to several others I've seen here, but differs from each of them in one way or another.


I need to do a full recovery of my Lenovo back to factory settings. I already have all of the files off of it that I need.


I booted up off of the Rescue and Recovery CD that was sent to me by my corporate IT department. It's a branded, copyrighted disc from IBM. This restored the Rescue and Reovery application. Then I followed the instructions, turned off the laptop, turned it back on, got the old request to put in the Supplemental Recovery disc or press "No" if i don't have one. I don't have one, so I pressed "No." Then it asks me to insert disc 1 of the Product Recovery CD which i did. I have 6 CDs sent to me by my corporate IT department. They are all branded, copyrighted CDs from IBM for the ThinkPad T60 family (i have a think T60) so they should work okay. But no. I get a message saying "This is not the correct disc. Please remove the disc and press OK."


So what do I do now?




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