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ThinkPad P70 CD tray ejects intermittently when power is plugged in/unplugged

Hey all,

I am troubleshooting some issues on a ThinkPad P70 with Windows 7 Professional and have come across an odd one.

When unplugging or plugging the computer in to power, sometimes the CD tray will eject on its own. It doesn't happen every time, but is somewhat frequent.

I've run Lenovo update to pull the latest drivers, didn't correct the issue.

No BIOS update was detected by the Lenovo tool.

I also tried removing the drivers and uninstalling the drive through Device Manager, but the issue persists after rebooting.

I haven't been able to find anything relevant in my searches online yet, but I'm still digging.

If anyone has any suggestions on things to try/look at, it'd be much appreciated! Thanks!

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