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[SOLVED] Yoga 900 not automatically going into tablet mode or showing touch keyboard!



I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing some of the below issues, how long you may have been experiencing them and if you've found a fix and would like to share it, haha:


  1. Laptop not automatically going into tablet mode when folded back or put into the tent orientation (with the relevant settings in the system->tablet area selected).
  2. Touch keyboard not automatically popping up when selecting a text field in google chrome or Microsoft office products (especially when they were before, but I can't tell you when it stopped working).
  3. Touch pad still active in tablet mode, when manually selected. This didn't always seem to be the case - when I first got my hands on the laptop, I did extensively try out all of the marketed orientations and this never happened (I even tested to see if it would happen and I was quite impressed with the results, but not anymore!). UPDATE: after updating the bios for the device, this issue resolved itself. I have no idea how or why but ok.


An important post-script to note: a lot of people are complaining of the above issues and are also experiencing a rotation-locked screen that is unresponsive to any tinkering! I am not one of those people. The "accelerometer", if that even is it's real name!, seems to work perfectly fine.


Please hit me up with any relevant responses as soon as possible, I will try to respond and weigh in with my further investigations.


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