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Yoga 900 - Ghost Touches Issue

Ghost Touches - I see phisical touches on the screen when I am not touching it. It looks very similar to what you see in this video:


It mostly occures when the laptop resumes from sleep or extended use. This makes the laptop unusabble and I have to hard reset to get it working properly again. 


I have contacted Lenovo 3 times (Every time they have been very friendly and helpful. They also call me imedietly)

  1. Call 1 - I let them remote into the laptop. They uinstalled and re-installed some drivers and asked me to try it out. The issues were still there within a day. 
  2. Call 2 - I reported the issue is still there. They remoted back in. Tried an update on the panel that did not apply. They informed me that the panel was defective and I would need to send it in. They asked me to carry it into my local Best Buy Geek Squad. They sent it to Kentucky for repairs. (I updated the bios, drivers, and reset the device) Geek Squad said that there was nothing wrong and that they updated the bios, drivers, and factory reset (Thats not ture). They sent back the device. (Lenvo has been great. Best Buy is a company I hope I never have to deal with in the future) 
  3. Call 3 - I tell them that nothing has changed. They are now sending me a box to send the device back to the same exact facility in Kentucky... 


Has anyone else expirienced this issue with the Yoga 900? Searching Google only brings up threads for other Yoga devices.  I will update my situation here..,but at the very least I would like to have a written record for other Yoga 900 users that may search for this issue. 

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