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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎01-06-2012
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Trackpoint scroll lag and scroll hyper sensitivity on Yoga 460

Just received my yoga and downgraded to windows 7, even with the vertical scroll set to one line, the trackpoint is very sensitive.


Also there is a initial lag with the trackpoint scroll, if I'm using the trackpoint for the first after a webpage turn, the first light touch is not registered, you have move the trackpoint very hard, which caused the page to move very fast down the page.


Overall using the trackpoint on the yoga 460 (maybe with W10, it is different), has been an aweful experience so far, is there a patch or update that I didn't know about?


Btw, I have Elan pointing device installed, I can not find Ultranav anymore, why is that? Elan pointing device seem to have less function than Ultranav.

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