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What's DOS?
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Thinkpad Yoga S1 shut down problem? OS shuts down fine, but RED LED still stays on.

When shutting down the laptop after a few hours of use, the OS (win10 x64) will shutdown normally, but the red led on the thinkpad logo will remain on. (same whether im on battery, on plugged in). I noticed this issue after finding out my fully charged battery was completely empty when I tried turning it on. However, when I only use the laptop for at most an hour or less and shut down, It will be fine and everything will be powered off. This problem only occurs during long hours of use and then I would have to hold the power button to completely shutdown.


What I have tried so far:

Disabling Hibernate, Sleep

Updated Bios to GQET47WW (1.27) 9/23/2015

Disabled Fast Startup*


*What I have noticed after disabling fast startup was that before, it would usually blink red until the battery is completely discharged. After disabling fast startup, the problem still occurs but instead the LED is a solid RED until the battery is discharged.


Are there any other options I can use to fix this?

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