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X1 Carbon 4th 2100: Detection error on Storage Device (M.2)

Good day dear forum members! My brand new X1 Carbon arrived fully loaded......with errors. Right out of the box it hit me with a BSOD (CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED). The system boots from the second attempt, but BSOD pops up every 5-10min. All drivers/BIOS updated. 1TB Samsung nvme ssd (PM961 f/w3L0QCXY7) seems to be using a driver dated 6/21/2006 and so does its "Standard NVM Express Controller". Samsung nvme driver cannot be installed because it claims there's no suitable ssd, Samsung magician doesn't recognize the drive either, however, it is properly identified in the device manager. Any suggestions before I ship this back..? Any help appreciated.


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