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Paper Tape
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M92p - no longer booting after BIOS update


today we updated new BIOS 9SKT94AUS to ThinkCentre M92p, previous state with Win7, we needed do upgrade to Win10.
Now after BIOS update is device not booting, only thing we can do is access BIOS setting or choose boot device thru F12 or F1.
We did:
F9 (reset to default), CMOS reset (1-2/2-3 pin) - no change, UEFI/LEGACY - no change
LINUX (no change), Installation media (USB/DVD of W7, W8, W10, network boot) - no change

After choosing boot device directly we get when USB e.g. flash is inserted Lenovo logo hanging,
when CD/DVD inserted underscore hanging.

Anyone any ideas?




Mod:  edited title for better problem description

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