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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Moto G turbo edition - only charges via USB on PC

Problem is fixed :-)

just to add to the data incase someone else has the problem :-

1.  I enabled developer mode so I could close processes (7 taps on Settings ---> About ----> Build Number).  Adds Developer settings into the settings menu.  This allowed me to shut everfything down that wasn't necessary.  Didnt work

2.  When powering off, I held down the power off option to go to safe mode.  This allowed me to charge but no charging lightning bolt.  Seemed to point to a voltage issue to the battery based on what i was reading. 

3.  I followed motorolas advice and drained the battery.  then held power button and volume down for 3 minutes whilst plugged in and  its now charging properly.

A relief for this backpacker and certainly have alot more knowledge on android!!

Who Me Too'd this solution