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Yoga 900-13ISK2: Restore factory image?

Is there an option to restore the yoga 900 to the state of the factory ? A hidden partition that has the original factory image?

When I opened CMD and Diskpart, I found 2 drives indeed, one of them was X(boot) and the other had 600mbs but was hidden.

The steps I assumed are:

1- press the"nova" button while computer is off

2- choose the 4th option "recovery"

3- instead of a lenovo screen I get the blue menu from Microsoft Windows 10 recovery.

so how do I access the hidden partition that has the original factory image?

No drives are being read and I'm presented with an option to choose a driver for my hardware, I chose the hard disk driver but it couldn't read that driver.


P.S.: I did a "reset" windows many times and I'm going crazy over this supposedly simple task.

Can anybody please help ?

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