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Lenovo L440 - problem with HDD caddy


I have replaced CD-ROM by HDD Caddy with SSD (Samsung 850 EVO 250GB) in my Lenovo ThinkPad L440 (20ASS3GT0) as a second storage device (not one with the OS). When I'm trying to start the system, I'm getting a message "Configuration changes - restart the system." and the system reboots again and again. What is more, I can't access the BIOS any more - pressing F1 does not work. Updating to the newest version of BIOS (1.85) does not help. After removing HDD Caddy everything works fine. I have tried some of the configurations below:


  • Removed the battery, pressed the power button for 10-15 sec. and rebooted with AC Adapter connected - still got message "Configuration changes - restart the system."

  • Removed HDD from standard SATA port and connected it using HDD Caddy - cannot boot into the system. There is no message "Configuration changes...", HDD is detected but it is not on the list with bootable devices (there is only one option to boot over the LAN).
  • HDD Caddy connected with no storage device - boot into the system with no problem.

The problem is, that I need two storage devices - one for the OS and second one (using HDD caddy) for another data. Could anyone help me to solve that issue?

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