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T460p: Recurring issue with trackpoint & touchpad after sleep / resume

I have a very annoying problem with my T460p: When suspending the laptop and turning it on again, the trackpad and touchpad devices stop working entirely (no response at all). The problem cannot be fixed by rebooting the machine and can only be resolved by completely powering down the laptop, removing the battery and restarting it afterwards.




* During  boot, a message "PS/2 mouse not detected" shows up.

* The Windows device manager shows the synaptics touchpad as not functioning.

* The problem occurs both under Windows and Linux (Ubuntu 16.04)


I am running the latest BIOS version and have updated all drivers on the machine. I have also checked all BIOS settings. Lenovo already replaced the laptop twice, but the problem persists, hence I conclude that it's either a problem in all of the synaptics components or related to something else.


I have found many similar bug reports in this forum and elsewhere, not only for the T460p but also other models like the T440 series, hence this is not an isolated case.


Please bring this problem to the attention of the support staff, as this is something that is completely unacceptable for a laptop in this price range (especially since everything else is working perfectly).


The laptop has the following configuration btw:


* i7 6600HQ processor

* 20 GB Ram (4 GB on-board + 16 GB extra RAM)

* 2 TB HDD + 512 GB SSD via M.2 slot

* Otherwise standard configuration


Thanks for your help!

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